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Multichannel - Artsway
Curators Helen Sloan & Peter Bonnell

Nicola Naismith explores the ordinary qualities of everyday items, for example the white shirt and the sewing needle, using a combination of digital and analogue processes. Naismith considers Video Triptych to be a seminal work that asks the question: is the movement generated by human (traditional) or mechanical (technological) means? A traditional tool is combined with a new technology to create a new position for the needle and thread. The ergonomics of the making are important as the the technology is placed in the space created by the activity, in this case the space between the body and the hands. Naismith’s approach to the needle and video camera is to view both as equal in status and value. The alliance of these different tools in Video Triptych creates a position within contemporary art that bridges fields of skill and knowledge.

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