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digital making (2010 - 2011)

Developed to explore contemporary engineering processes of Computer Aided Design and Additive Layer Manufacture, digital making was a self initiated residency based at Hethel Engineering Centre, near Norwich. Working with Engineering Manager Derek Hillyard, the processes of engineering and art practice were explored and debated, with similarities and differences identified. Conversations with other engineers based at the centre, engaged in prototype development, allowed me to consider wider debates of engineering education, the changing nature of manufacturing and the promotion of a knowledge based economy. To contextualise the residency research at the Tate Archive into the work of the Artist Placement Group led to an event at Firstsite where Founder of APG Barbara Steveni and I discussed working in commerce, negotiating an open brief and how success can be measured.

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digital making was supported by The National Lottery through Arts Council England, Hethel Engineering Centre, Norfolk County Council, Sir Philip Reckitt Educational Trust and SCAN

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