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Site Specific Projects (2006 - 2009)

Spatial Divisions - Former Bally Shoe factory (2007 - 2009)
A series of works which explore Manuel Castells’ ideas of the spatial divisions of labour. Delineations of power, communication and work activity remain present in the former manufacturing facility now re-invented temporarily as artists’ studios. Occupying a former office in this factory the space operates as not only a place of production but also as a residency in its own right.

Everyday Obsolescence - Space 4 Gallery, Peterborough Museum and Art Gallery (2007)
Everyday Obsolescence explores an abandoned computer monitor *SG6383XW7Q6*. Once exuding perfection and high design the monitor screen was unable to sustain these modernist qualities. Digital processes capture the surfaces now corrupted by the traces of human activity and storage. The images are reminiscent of crystals, butterfly iridescence, growing plant material or active Petri dishes. On opening, the inner workings are revealed offering evidence of human activity. Within this manufactured object the signs of the maker or perhaps more appropriately the assembler were limited, however the presence of the hand was still visible and intriguing.

Sites of Production - Fielder Cruse Associates Architects and Interior Designers (2006)
During the residency architectural processes were mapped and discussed with the partners revealing the ways in which they use office space. Research, discussions and observations informed 54 pages of hand drawn worksheets which included diagrams, text and drawings. Obsolete technological storage devices were disassembled and re- assembled in their component groupings to create a series of sculptural works. These objects were further used in a series of video stills which explored the concept of the progressive hybridisation of the body.

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Everyday Obsolescence and Spatial Divisions were supported by The National Lottery through Arts Council England, Norfolk County Council Arts Project Fund, Sir Phillip Reckitt Educational Trust, Commissions East and the Space 4 Gallery in Peterborough Museum and Art Gallery.

Sites of Production was supported by the Partners and Team at Fielder Cruse Associates.

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